Vegetable Gardening – Growing Beans at Home.

There is nothing better then picking home grown beans on a summer’s evening and enjoying the crisp texture and subtle flavor that only fresh beans have. They are an easy garden vegetable to grow.

Bean Varieties for Vegetable Gardens

There are three main types of summer garden beans

  1. Runner Beans – These beans are one of the easiest to grow, one of the best known is the Scarlet Runner bean. They are perenials     (will last several seasons). As they grow to about three meters high they require good solid staking using string, netting or canes.
  2. Dwarf French Beans – These are annual plants (last one season) and are useful for small garden plots and container gardening as     they don’t take up much room. They have a compact, bushy growth and need     little or no staking. Several plants are needed for a good crop.
  3. Climbing French Beans – An annual plant growing to     about two meters high, therefore requiring staking. There are many     varieties including heirloom beans.

When to Plant Summer Garden Beans.

●        Plant in late spring or early summer when the soil has     warmed up. Beans do not like frost or cold soil.

●        If growing garden seeds they can be sown in peat pots     indoors in early spring, keep the soil moist but not soaking. When the     plants are about 15 cm high they are ready to plant out. Planting in peat     pots means the whole pot can be planted in the soil so there is less root     disturbance. Peat pots are biodegradable.

Preparing Garden Soil for Planting Beans and Planting out.

●        Prepare the garden by digging the ground over and     adding well rotted compost or manure to make a friable soil.

●        Choose a garden plot that gets sun for most of the day.

●        Prepare supports for climbing and runner beans. These     can be made from stakes and string or ready made supports can be bought. A     wigwam of stakes takes up less space then a line of stakes if space is     limited.

●        Plant the beans, allowing room to grow, usually about     20cm apart but follow instructions given with purchased bean plants and     seeds.

●        Water the young beans.

Ongoing Care of Bean Plants in Vegetable Gardens

●        Check that climbing and runner beans are growing up the     supports and tie in place, if needed, to direct them the right way.

●        Water beans regularly.

●        Remove pests. A natural method , for the organic     garden, is to put soapy water in a spray bottle and spray the plant with     this.

●        Pick the ripened beans regularly to encourage further     bean production.

Harvesting Beans in the Summer Garden

●        Beans are ready to harvest when the pods have attained     their maximum length but before the beans have begun to bulge in the pods.     The length will vary according to the variety planted.

●        The beans will not all ripen together so a continuing     crop is the bonus.

Gardening Tips for Beans

●        Bean roots are a rich source of nitrogen. At the end of     the season cut back the stems but leave the roots in the soil to release     the useful nitrogen.

●        Save some beans to dry out and use as seeds for the     following year. Place them in packets in a dry dark place and label the     packet.

Knowing about varieties of beans, their need for warm, fertile soil and regular water give the home gardener the advantage of fresh produce straight from the garden. Using home made compost and natural sprays helps the environment and saves money as well.

Top Restaurants In Goa, India

The coastal state of Goa in Western India has long been a favourite for Indian and Western tourists alike, boasting plenty of sunshine, white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees as well as a seriously chilled out vibe. Less well known though is that Goa also has a wide selection of 
outstanding restaurants to tempt the taste buds with, offering flavours and styles to suit everyone 
from traditional Goan dishes to international cuisine and all with very affordable prices. Most 
hotels in Goa have their own restaurants on site but it is well worth venturing out to take in some 
of the best of what Goa has to offer.

Spice, Baga Creek

Spice is located on the main road through Baga Creek (any local taxi driver will be able to take 
you straight there) and is very popular with both tourists and locals. As with most restaurants in 
Goa the seating area has an attractive thatched roof with a front wall which is open to the 
elements, letting in the warm evening breezes as you eat. 
Although Spice does offer a wide menu which includes western options the order of the day here 
is curry and it is truly superb. There are the recognisable biryanis and tikka masalas (both 
vegetable and meat) as well as local dishes like fish curry and a huge array of vegetarian options 
such as potatoes stuffed with spicy vegetables and cooked in a mild almond curry. They offer a 
good drinks menu too with staples like Kingfisher beer and cocktails as well as locally made 
wine. A meal for 2 with starters, mains, sides and drinks costs around £10 UK/$16 US. 

Aether Lounge, Arpora Baga Road, New Baga Bridge 

Aether Lounge is a new open air restaurant recently opened by owners Zena and Sham. Located 
back from the road and up a flight of stairs it gives the atmosphere of being very secluded and 
the outdoor seating under the stars gives a romantic edge to the meal. The decoration is subtle and stylish with crisp white linen table wear and discreet lighting entwined into the trees, with food served on slate. When I enquired them about where they sourced their slate, they gave me a surprising answer: America. I got to google and searched “restaurant slate plates” and I found this, which is a interesting product from Slateplate. They also provide some good tips on how to save money for chefs. Aether 
Lounge also features a raised area of comfortable white sofas perfect for cocktails and 
reminiscent of chilled out rooftop bars in LA. The food here is of a high standard, offering an 
Indian and continental menu with delicious starters such as home made humus and spicy chicken 
satay. There is a wide drinks menu offering local beers, international wines and cocktails. A meal 
for 2 as above is around £12 UK/$20 US.

Brittos, Baga Beach 

Baga Beach itself is one of Goa’s busiest tourist spots with its long, wide sands and sea front lined with restaurants and cafes. One of the shining lights here is Brittos, an all day, all night place located right on the beach (walk along Baga Beach and you will see it). Always busy, Brittos is a real beach shack with a thatched roof over a sand floor so that when you sit in a chair it tends to sink a little and nice, wooden furniture. Food here is very good and varied, ranging 
from delicious curries (particularly the vegetarian dish Aloo Gobi and the wonderful garlic naan bread) to veggie burgers and French fries so everyone is catered for here. Brittos also offers breakfasts, tasty deserts and fresh juices (such as pureed watermelon) as well as beers and spirits. Prices here are very good, a main course with sides and drinks for 2 people costs around £6 
UK/$10 US. 

Benefits of Using Press Release

Press release is what you can call a medium through which, your product can get instant exposure. But this is just one of the benefits among the many which is why, since long ago, it has been one of the primary ways of publicity.

Here are a few benefits of press release:

  • Instant exposure – When you are launching a product whether it is a new book or a new cereal. How will people get to know? Instead of door to door sales, via press release, you can touch a broad audience within a simple period of time.
  • Create a brand – when people buy a product, they go for brand value. May be you have a great product yet, the sales are depressing because in the competition, you have bigger names as opponents and you are failing to meet up. That’s where press release comes into play. It creates a brand of trust.
  • SEO benefits – press release, if done correctly (means SEO optimized), it can boost your rank in search engines such as Google, or Yahoo, or Bing. As, the press release will carry the keywords with the content, search engines will tend to give you a more priority than other same products which can increase the spectrum of exposure.
  • Increase traffic to your site – In today’s world, a perfect platform for selling product is, via online market or e-commerce websites. By releasing a press release, you can drive people to your website and as time will pass; your site will garner more and more reputation which will invite even bigger traffic.
  • Attract big investors: by creating a brand via press release, you can also attract big investors who can see the potential of your business, who will come to invest in your capital thus making a small industry giving a opportunity to be a bigger one. And above all, even if you are inexperienced, these investors indeed can guide you which will be important while making crucial judgments.

Reasons to Use Customizable Pillows

Pillows play a very important role in providing relaxing rest and sleep. A huge number of 
individuals can’t go to sleep without them making them one of the quintessential set pieces of 
your bedroom. It is good to hear that you will not be finding any shortage of pillows with them 
being made readily available in the present. Some however, go the extra mile with their pillows by customizing them. Let us look at some of the reasons people use customizable pillows. 

Limitless Customization Options 

Customizable pillows make great use of different design options that they can think of. Indeed, 
the sky is the limit with customizing these type of items. People can choose to add pictures, 
photos or text to make these pillows look and feel more special than ever before. As a result, one 
can create multiple customizable pillows without them looking relatively the same as each other. 

Designing Customizable Pillows is Worthwhile and Fun

It should be noted that customers are involved in the creation of these customizable pillows. 
Customer feedback plays a very important role and they are able to make modifications to their 
items at whim. The design phase is pretty engaging and fun especially when you see the end 
result of your item. You can start by choosing a specific pillow size, its color as well as their shape. After that, you can then have a blast in adding pictures or text that fits your preference and 
the theme that you are going for. Although I do suggest that you take a look at the sellers’ refund policy, like the one at zonkd

Helps Breathe New Life to Your Pillows

Regular pillows look stale when compared to the customizable ones. Indeed, normal pillows and 
their designs are a bit predictable with people knowing what to expect from them. This is not the 
case with regards to customizable pillows as you can surprise your guest with their look and feel. 
This in turn makes each and every one of these pillows unique and special in its own way. 
With the help of modern technology, designing customizable pillows has become a pretty simple 
and straightforward activity. All of this is made possible with store owners integrating their 
services online. As a result, one can create customizable pillows over their website saving them a 
fair amount of time and resources in the process. Online orders are also made available allowing 
these pillows to be delivered straight through their doorsteps. Start designing your very own 
customizable pillows today!