Dealing with Pet Loss Grief: Keeping Memories Close To Your Heart.


Death of a pet leaves a scar in our mind. It’s an experience that no one wants to face yet we have to face it one or the other time. We can’t avoid death but we can certainly make us be prepared for it when the time comes. But if the death is that of close someone to us; it is much easier to say than done. We can talk all about big words yet, when the time comes, we found ourselves in a misery. It doesn’t matter whether it is the death of a human or a dog or a cat. If it is close to us, then it will make us cry no matter what. And since, a pet becomes like a family member over the course of time, it becomes much much difficult to deal with it.

Just imagine a dog who has greeted you when you come back from work, is no longer there. How would you feel? No words can describe the feeling. It is a sudden occurrence that we must accept. But death in itself is pretty much hard to accept. So how can we do it?

The most convenient way is to channel our grief in a constructive manner. You shouldn’t see the negative aspect of it but try to accept the reality even though reality isn’t something that we would have liked.

That’s where we try to come up with solutions to cope up with the reality. Since we can’t just face away from the reality, we have to accept it in one or the other way.


One way to let it out is, keeping something remembrance close to your heart. For example, if you put a picture of the deceased pet in a locket or a bracelet, it gives you a realization that, it still is with you though physically it can never be with you anymore. Some memorials can also be found in But physical aspect is secondary in this case. The feeling that comes with it, is with such a significance that no one can but appreciate the efforts that are behind it. These memories will last forever and no one can vanish it not even you. But, with you, holding close to the ties in that manner, makes it s convenient way to reciprocate the emotions.

Which this help in the healing process. Whenever you remember about the deceased, you just need to look at the locate and here you are, you can remember and cherish all the OMG old things from the past even amidst gloomy environment and can put a smile to your face which is precious.

Moreover, the positive energy that is given out by it, carries immense value as it makes you prepare yourself to come back into daily life without going into grief stage much more. You won’t be in denial rather, you will be ready to accept the reality.

Such is the case with remembrance. One may think that, it does makes you stuck in a phase which indeed is true on some cases but it also has the lower to life up your morale and force you to go in a positive direction…. Such is its power.

The memory is there. And we will have it in any day of our lives. It won’t be perished ever but if we could try to accept it in a positive direction, or can actually help us on moving along the stage of grief instead of making ourselves stuck around the death…. It all depends upon the approach of an individual. Of you take it in a positive way, then it will make you move on much faster.