Negotiating Identities in the Furry Fandom


The furries have been growing in popularity and as a result, the fandom has grown in numbers. Their success can be attributed with the added exposure they got particularly over the internet. As a result, the fandom has experience a steady increase in fans and followers alike. This in turn has made it possible for furry conventions to exists which draws thousands of attendances on a yearly basis. The added numbers of furries however, has their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. One problem furries may encounter is when they have similar identities with other fans. Let us look at how negotiating identities in the furry fandom is done.

With the growing number of furries, the likelihood of finding someone who has the same identity is marginal. It can be a bit awkward to find a fellow furry fan who shares the same resemblance to your identity. For that matter, it may be best to discuss with them about negotiating identities to avoid awkward silence. The furry fandom in general are known for friendly and warm atmosphere. As such, it is relatively easy to approach them at any given time when the need calls for them to do so.


Even though you may share the same likeness in terms of looks and design with other furry fan, a person’s individual fursona or furry personality is very hard to replicate. The reason behind this is that furries themselves are the ones in charge of making their own fursona. They often create them in their likeness. Some may even incorporate butt plugs. Other fans create fursona as their alter ego with very contrasting personalities from their own. As a result, each fursona created by fans can be truly unique and one of a kind. This is the reason negotiating identifies in the furry fandom is not a very big issue and can be easily resolved in a short manner of time.

The furry fandom is comprised of diverse and expansive fans all over the world. As mentioned earlier, their identities may be the same but their personalities can be completely different. This is the reason why furries especially newcomers should not feel intimidated when they see others who might share the same identity as others. This however, can be a very good conversation starter to other fans as you share stories and similar experience with how you relate to the identity and have taken a liken to it.