How to Properly Care for Your New Dinnerware


Dinnerware depending on the materials that they are made can be a bit fragile. These items tend to chip, scratch and break if one is not careful. For that matter, it is important for owners to know how to properly care for their dinnerware to be able to extend their life and use. Just how to you take care of new dinnerware?


Caring Essentials

As mentioned earlier, dinnerware tends to be fragile and for that matter, it is important for people to know how to handle them correctly. For starters, you avoid stacking soiled dinnerware as this can cause scratches and stains with the items. Furthermore, make sure to never allow soiled dished to be left overnight as cleaning them the next morning can be very tedious and troublesome.

When washing your dinnerware, make sure to wash them within 30 to 40 minutes after use. If you are planning on using a dishwasher, avoid improper use of soak solution as this can make your dinnerware become more prone to glaze abrasion, metal marking and food staining especially if your dinnerware is not Avoid using a scouring powder or scouring pad to remove stains as this can do more harm than good with your items. It is also wise to steer clear from plastic coated metal but instead go for solid plastic racks for washing and storage.

Using hot water as well as strong dishwasher is not advised when washing and rinsing your dinnerware as this can result to their designs to fade out. Also, be sure to check cycle times, temperatures, water pressure, and water condition to ensure proper cleaning.


During Use


Caring for new dinnerware does not mean that you will have to do them only after their usage. There are a few things you can do to help protect your dinnerware while it is being used. For instance, high temperatures can result to damaging your dinnerware. This usually happens when you put a lot of hot food in your plate. To avoid this, put a small amount of the hot food in the plate and leave it for a few seconds, then pour the rest of the meal into the plate. This helps give your dinnerware ample time to adjust with the change of temperature avoiding unnecessary breakage.

People enjoy using their newly bought dinnerware. Since time and effort is spent in acquiring these items, it is important that you make sure to keep them safe and secure. Consider the tips listed above to help care for your new dinnerware.